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A bundle of 8+ programs for health coaches who want to spend more time doing what they love (coaching!) and less time worrying about the tediousness of creating their own coaching programs. With the Inner Circle Membership option, you’ll receive step-by-step business coaching, guidance, resources, and support to help you build a successful business.



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Don’t let self-doubt stop you from making your dreams a reality. With Stock the Shelves and the Inner Circle Membership, you’ll receive ready-to-use coaching programs to use with your clients, business coaching, guidance, and support from people who have been in your shoes.

Starting a Business Can Be Overwhelming

You have the knowledge and know you want to make a difference, but where should you start?

How It Works


1.  Learn

We’ll “stock the shelves” of your website’s virtual store where they’ll be ready to use by you and your clients.  We’ll teach you to set up your business plan.  We’ll teach you your new programs through participation.  PLUS – we’ll keep teaching you.

2. Start Coaching

You’re all set to do what you lovestart coaching! Run group programs or work with clients one-on-one.

Regardless of your niche – you’ll be ready to hit the ground running with all your new tools.


3. Grow Your Business

Now you can spend more time in your area of expertise and  grow your income and client base.  With ongoing mentoring from Team THCG and industry experts to share their wisdom weekly.

Stock the Shelves

Access to 8+ client/coach programs to get your business on its feet, start coaching and producing income, and help clients live healthier lives.


8+ Ready-to-Use Programs

  • Corporate Wellness (new!)
  • 12 Day Detox
  • 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse
  • Slim, Sexy & Smart
  • 3-6-9-12 Months to Great Health
    • 3 Months to Great Health
    • 6 Months to Great Health
    • 9 Months to Great Health
    • 12 Months to Great Health
  • Healthy Holidays
  • Supplemental Modules

Inner Circle Membership option

A subscription-based membership that grants you access to a 12 week business course, weekly webinars, all program updates and new releases, and more.

Business Resources

  • Building Abundance – 12 Week Business Course
  • Mentoring Mondays – Weekly group webinars with experts
  • Done-for-you opt-in giveaways to build your list
  • Blog content you can customize for your own audience
  • Membership to a Coaches Mastermind Group
  • Blogging Groups for accountability, learning and support
  • Collaborative Recipe Book to hand out to your clients
  • How-To for health coaches
  • Special affiliate opportunities
  • Ad copy that helps you to promote your 6 month program
  • Friendly contracts and forms

Programs are released ONE PER MONTH.  You are invited to participate in each program as a client to experience and learn the programs better.

Program Rules


Stock the Shelves gives you a lifetime access license to use these  programs.  They must be used for one-on-one or group health coaching – it is not for resale to other health coaches. Purchase of one year of the Inner Circle gives you free updates during your membership.  If you decide not to renew after the first year, be sure to download your Inner Circle materials before you cancel. The programs are all digital. They will be ready for download immediately. You will not receive a printed, hard copy book in the mail. It can be printed at your local printer or by you on your printer, or, you may purchase a hard copy from us- after you have purchased the digital copy.  It is beautiful when printed. Your Inner Circle membership auto-renews in one year.  You will receive a reminder so you can either update your card information or cancel.


You should send one module at a time to your client.  You may choose to do this by:  printing and handing a module for the next session, emailing either manually or with a scheduled auto-responder or through a membership program like the one we use to distribute your products.  (The second two options save paper). Supplemental Modules:  These should be added as you feel they are ready.  If you have a client who is trying to eat one of 3 meals at home – and still eats fast food for the other two…they will not be ready for the advanced nutrition for a while.  If you have someone who eats a healthy diet and is working on including more superfoods – you will want to introduce them to advanced nutrition immediately. Our Technical Platform (addl) Designed, Sealed and Delivered® (DSD) will send emails and provides health coaches with a membership site to deliver programs.  This is 50% off for Inner Circle Members.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


You may edit the material in the programs.  The requirements are that you notate your changes and leave the copyright. You may not delete the copyright on any programs. Editing can be done on a Mac or Windows. You may edit the program yourself.  We recommend that you edit in Microsoft Office PowerPoint for best results. You may edit the programs in PDF with the newest Adobe Acrobat Program, if you do not have this, it may be available as a 30 day trial from Adobe. It is easiest to split out the sessions for client delivery with a pdf and extract feature. You may choose to have us customize with logo and/or color in the store. There is a tutorial on editing from Ashlie in the Inner Circle Area (you must be logged in and in “My Products” to access) and in “files” in the Facebook Inner Circle Group. You will want to send one section at a time to your client.  To do this, after editing, you should turn it into a pdf and then extract the pages you want. IF you are not a techie…or even proficient with software, you can still have us customize at any time after the purchase…or you can learn from tutorials supplied by outside sources.  Either google or use

Retail Pricing

We do not have a retail price plan. You should price your program with a base value + your costs + your profit.  In the costs, you should include the time you spend with your client as well as the time that you spend preparing for your client.  This program should help to cut down on the latter.  If you are selling a 6 month program, you may just want to figure up how many times you meet x’s your hourly rate.  If your rate is $125 and you meet 12 times, then a good cost for your time would be $1500.00.  If you have additional give-aways that total $300.00 then your total price for a 6 month program might be $1800.00.  However – your 12 day detox may be a “loss leader” to pull in new 6 month clients.  In that case, there have been several health coaches who have done real well with a $99 introductory price point.  (Self guided and one 15 minute meeting to move up to a 6 month program).

Building Abundance

Build your own thriving health coach practice

This course streamlines all that fantastic information you have learned, and gives you strategies and systems to build a thriving business and successfully put it all together to create your own health coach practice in 12 short weeks.



  • Facebook mastermind group
  • Step-by-step business plan
  • Easy module access
  • Color coded sessions for ease of use

“…THCG is like a business GPS

“Before BA+ I had a vague idea of my niche and how to reach them but working in a small group setting helped me to focus as never before. Before the program, I had the drive but not the direction. THCG is like a business GPS, helping me to determine how to get where I want to be! The Physician Weight Loss program offers materials in learning styles that work for every learning style; visual, auditory and hands on. The information is timely, the research has been done, it’s clear, easy to follow and each module leaves my clients with significant and memorable actions they can implement right away. It works perfectly with individual and group coaching because everyone in the group can be on the same page. Add in my coaching sessions and stir! I would and have recommended BA+. The best way to build a business is to follow someone who has already been where you are, someone who is running a successful business and genuinely cares whether we succeed. Cathy Sykora IS that person, and her capable staff make it work for me. THCG’s programs and services have allowed me to focus on working on my business and building my coaching skills rather than spending time designing programs and building platforms. Since joining THCG I am more organized, less stressed, more focused and less anxious about the future health of my business.”

Nia Frieson

Owner, Be Well Lionness

“…opened my eyes to how to build and run my business more effectively

“I love how in-depth each module is and the relevant work each week that really opened my eyes to how to build and run my business more effectively.

The Market Research for my niche work was simply invaluable and helped me really nail down what population I want to work with. Thank you so much for including this in the Inner Circle!”

Kasnya Berry

Health Coach, Destination Healthy



  • 13 Training Modules
    • Building Knowledge – Business Ownership & Choosing Your Niche
    • Building Infrastructure – Market Research & Forming Your Foundation
    • Building Budget – Making a Plan and Profit & Loss
    • Building Products – Passive & Active Income, Affiliates
    • Building a Website – Creating a Logo, Sitemaps, Content, Copywriting
    • Building a Website – Copyrights, Layout, User Testing
    • Building Buzz – Marketing, Branding, Ideal Client, Advertising, Social Media, Content
    • Building Clients – Sales Philosophy, Needs + Features = Benefits, Elevator Pitch
    • Building Clients – Partnering Up, Growing Your Business through Partnerships
    • Building Systems – Define Your Business Skills, Creating Loyal Clients, Client Experience, Exceptions
    • Building Blueprints – Creating Your Business Plan,
    • Building Community – Giving Back
    • Time Management
    • Social Media
    • Facebook Advertising
    • Your Office at Home
    • Correspondence
    • Resources

Mentoring Mondays

Every Monday at 12:00 CST there is an interactive webinar for Inner Circle Members to help you to utilize all the programs and tools.  We have technical and marketing tutorials as well as interviews and Q&A sessions.

All Program Updates

The Inner Circle membership grants you access to any and all program updates during your membership at no additional cost.


How-to for Health Coaches

The purpose of the tutorials are to teach you simple steps to bring your business to new heights.  You can hire people to do these things for you or you can do them yourself. You will need a web hosting site and woo-commerce. Including tutorials for: Setting up a WordPress website, Setting up e-commerce, Setting up an affiliate program

Blog Articles

Articles for blogs may be used.  You can change them, add to them, subtract from them.  Just don’t post it as is and say you wrote it.  They are ready to be copied and pasted into a blog or newsletter.  Just add pictures and go!



You can save 50% on our premium Designed, Sealed and Delivered package! We also offer our Physician Health Coach Weight Loss program to Inner Circle members at a discounted price.

Health Coach Registry

We developed a health coach registry that introduces coaches to clients in a more personal way. Be a part of the Health Coach Group’s amazing list of coaches, giving great value to their worthy clients. Start today!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

By purchasing this program, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Refund Policy: If you purchase this program and don’t absolutely love it, let us know and we will cheerfully refund your payment in full.

To receive the refund:

  1. You must email us at attaching your receipt.
  2. State your reason for seeking a refund.
  3. Include a note confirming that you have not downloaded or printed out any of the program materials, and that you will not use the program or try to gain access to it in the future.
  4. You must request your refund and provide the above information within 24 hours of purchase.

All Terms & Conditions and all of our copyright, trademark, and intellectual property rights remain indefinitely, even after a refund has been provided.

Stock the Shelves


Ready-to-Use Programs - $16,338 Value

  • 12 Week Life Coaching, A Lighter Life
  • Corporate Wellness Suite
  • 12 Day Detox
  • 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse
  • Slim, Sexy & Smart
  • 3-6-9-12 Months to Great Health
    • 3 Months to Great Health
    • 6 Months to Great Health
    • 9 Months to Great Health
    • 12 Months to Great Health
  • Healthy Holidays
  • Supplemental Modules
  • Coming soon – Listen to Your Gut – 7 Day Leaky Gut Program

Services - $6,200 Value

  • Support
  • Elite Facebook Group
  • Weekly Business Coaching
  • Optional:
    • Branding Service
    • Delivery
    • Individual Coaching
    • Marketing Help

Inner Circle Membership

$23/mo subscription


Courses - $2,494 Value

  • Building Abundance 12 Week Business Course with Coaching

Support Materials - $5,600 Value

  • Weekly interactive webinars
  • How-tos
  • Opt-In Offer
  • Facebook Posts
  • Blog Content
  • Recipe Book


  • Discounts
  • Health Coach Registry

TOTAL VALUE: $31,636

YOUR COST: $107 per month  now $67 per month

or pay in full at discounted rate


Special Birthday Price 497.00 


Do you want to continue on the way it is now?

Or are you ready to lose the frustration and start making money?

Easy Payment Plans Available


Is this for me?

If you’re ready to get coaching but have no one to coach and no programs to offer, we’ve got you covered!

In short: This level is where you built the store (your website) and we stock your shelves (with done-for-you programs you can start teaching immediately) and get you off the ground with a business plan.

This is for you if:

  • You’ve got your certificate from IIN, or some other formal degree or certificate, but don’t know where or how to start getting paying clients. In other words, you’ve got the knowledge but not the know-how.
  • You don’t know an LLC from your elbow.
  • You want to stock your virtual shelves right away, so you have something to offer clients — and a way to bring in cash.
  • You want to start teaching programs, but don’t want to spend the time figuring out how to create one, and would love a “follow the textbook” solution that lets you start tomorrow.
  • You’d love a done-for-you business plan you can take to the bank for a loan, or straight into business.
  • You’re willing to set up your own website, marketing and delivery platform and e-commerce. In other words, you don’t mind getting a little techy, and would rather do that part yourself than pay for it.

Stock my shelves and mentor me.  I’m ready to get started and this is just what I’m looking for.

Want this all set up on a website with e-commerce, delivery and coaching?

Check out our NEW Turnkey & Fancy-Free

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We will learn where you are, where you want to go – and how we can help you get there.