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Here’s What Happens:


After hitting “Submit”, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page. This means we’ve received your message.

Your support request will be transmitted to our team in two ways:

  1. An e-mail will be sent to the entire support team, alerting us that you’ve asked for help.
  2. A support task will be placed in our tracking system, which permanently logs everything you submit. Once that happens, your support ticket is visible to the entire team


Here’s How We Respond:


For requests submitted on weekdays, you can expect a response within a few hours. 

Response times to requests submitted on weekends may be longer, as our team is spending time with their families.

If you need us to call you, let us know, and we’ll call you.

The most important thing to us is taking care of our clients …and that’s why we’ve implemented the system you’re using now.

Our Customer Support people are THE BEST.  Our sole purpose is to make your experience smooth and pleasurable.


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