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Run your online programs with ease and flow

You’ve thought about running your programs online. You want to take your coaching practice to the next level, helping more people and building your business. But every time you start researching how to run online programs, you find yourself going down a seemingly never-ending rabbit hole of integration, coding, plugins, payment processors, and technical jargon that makes little sense.

Designed, Sealed & Delivered is a membership platform and program delivery done for you.

Why Designed, Sealed & Delivered?

The bottom line is, there is a lot of information being sold on the internet for a lot of money. The internet is a perfect vehicle for health coaches who want to help a lot of people get happy and healthy. It’s also the perfect solution to raising your income ceiling. You can be bottomed out at the number of hours you can put into your business (about $34 an hour at best) or you can have unlimited income (one program averages around $580).

It’s possible. That’s why I created this package. It slims down what you need to deal with and gives you the education, tools and support that you need to start making real nice income in your health coaching business. This package uses the best of everything we’ve put out there (that has proven effective and profitable) and it eliminated anything that you don’t need to be spending time on right now.

If you’re serious about an online business, do this, you your spouse, your family, your customers, will be glad you did.

Our team is committed 100% plus – to your success.

~ Cathy

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All THCG Programs are now loaded into DSD!

 (Programs sold separately)

  • Physician-Health Coach 12 Week Weight Loss (Healthy Habits)

  • 3-6-9-12 Month Program
  • 28 Day Spiritual Cleanse
  • 28 Day Slim, Sexy & Smart
  • 12 Day Detox

As the premiere programs solution for Health Coaches, we make it our business at The Health Coach Group to help you run yours as smoothly as possible. That means we design all of our solutions with you in mind, not for another industry or type of business. And now we’re launching a membership platform designed for the way you do business, and the programs you provide to your clients.

You’re more than a little bit like Alice in Wonderland, trying to figure out the rules in this strange new world you’ve entered and how you can navigate to a place of comfort. In other words, running an online program as a small business owner can feel really overwhelming.

Choose easy abundance with no risk.


There are many online membership platforms, some simple to use and some robust and complex. There is no other membership platform that will pre-populate the programs you’ve purchased while also allowing you to add your own custom programming. There is no other program designed just for Health Coaches that rely on THCG to help create beautiful programs that deliver lasting results and high client satisfaction. And there is no other program that provides this much for such an affordable rate.


Paying to have someone build a custom platform will typically cost between $3,000 – $5,000 if you’re doing something relatively simple. This prohibitive cost has stopped many health coaches from moving fully into the online world of health coaching. That doesn’t have to be the case any longer.
Your business grows and you have lots of clients, and you pay a little bit more. This technology is priced to be sure it’s always affordable, and always makes sense for the business you have today.

Stop stressing about technology, and let us do the heavy lifting for you.


You don’t have the money to hire a tech team to design and build a membership platform just for you –
after all, it costs thousands of dollars to have it done. You don’t have the time to do it yourself – you didn’t go into business to become a coder, it’s not your specialty, and every time you try to learn how to do it you have the sinking feeling that maybe you’re just not cut out for doing business this way.

Running fantastic group programs online doesn’t have to be this hard.

Imagine that you’ve purchased a new program for your clients, one you’re excited will help them to change their lives and make meaningful strides toward long term, sustainable health.

Now imagine that, shortly after purchasing the program, you receive a login that takes you to a customization page. Here you enter your business name, preferred colors, upload your company logo, and enter a few other details to set up your business inside the system.

With those simple steps completed, in less than an hour, you’re ready for business!

• You have a program already calibrated and designed to go out to the clients that purchase it so that they can start getting the results they are happy to pay you month after month

• You have a purchasing page set up and ready to go so you can get orders in the door and money in the bank

• Emails, program timing, and drip content delivery are all managed and ready to go  so that you don’t have to worry about the details

• Materials are already uploaded and within the system, you just need the clients to access it so that they will know that you are professional with professional tools

You are ready to sell your new online program and start coaching your clients

How different does this feel from your reality today, where you’re struggling to be an expert in your field *and* to somehow learn dozens of different pieces of technology at the same time? How will you use the time and energy you’ve saved to grow your business and serve your clients?

What would it be worth to you, for the technology component to just be “handled” and something you don’t need to worry about?

Designed, Sealed & Delivered is a membership platform and program delivery done for you.

• Buy a supported program from The Health Coach Group, and it is already inside the membership platform ready for you to run after setting a few simple options (such as schedule and price).

• Insert your own multi-module programs into the system and easily set them up to run alongside your THCG programs.

• Have clients enrolled in multiple programs at the same time with one login for all their programs. No muss, no fuss.

• Run an online program without having to spend a moment thinking about code or technology integrations.

TOTAL VALUE OF DSD is near $15,000 for each website

– Hosting : $20 / Month

– Auto – responder $20 / Month + Email done

– Sales pages (5) (minimum $1000 up to $8000 / page, with copy, graphics, …)

– Maintenance $99 / Month

– Access to developer $2000+

– Custom site $500

– FB Group $2000

– E-Commerce setup $200-$300

– Membership site setup $3000

The number of Health Coaches using this platform allows us to make it available to you at an affordable price. This is an important investment into your business.

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Who should use Designed Sealed and Delivered…and Who Should Not?

There are a thousand possible solutions for membership in the tech realm. (Lots of hosts, etc.) If you are savvy enough to be running your own ground-up competitive platform, maybe – maybe not.

The advantage of this platform is the ability to deliver our turnkey programs that auto-setup on your site when purchased (12 Week Physician WL) with all of the preset content, correspondence, etc. (Saves dozens of hours of setup for all content, emails, etc.) The magic isn’t in the tech (it is behind the scenes, but not for the “I want full control” user). The magic is in the auto-configuration and the immediate setup of the program, and as we launch new programs they will be available too in full.) Again, someone running your own, stand-alone system would have more power (and if you want a stand-alone system, we could supply one similar in features, but wouldn’t have all of the programs automation.)

For THCG programs, running our platform saves our customers a ton of time (and mistakes/management) of setting up the content, rules, lists (84 total pieces of email correspondence alone on a scheduler!) plus on your own system you would need to :
a) have your own video host, setup your own content protection,
b) have a tool like MailChimp and setup your own templates,
c) upload all email content, schedule it all, etc. The list goes on.



And remember, there are a ton of “retail” solutions out there… all of them put all of the power in the site owner’s hands – along with all of the work.

If there is a sub-set who might want a stand-alone system – one which they completely control on their own – we can accommodate them, but we wouldn’t (at least not today) have the streamlined program implementation for a disconnected site, which is our real value-add.
If you have your own custom affiliate programs, domains, existing programs, etc. may want to stay on your own platform, and just buy our product and setup everything yourself, especially if you know what you are doing. A typical non-techie health coach, wanting to pay for a system and have it installed, setup, and running with THCG programs automatically, and adding a bit of flexibility to setup other WLM programs, should you want to be creative, is the much more suited client.
If you are a health coach looking to sell OUR programs, and looking for an easy, near-turn-key solution to do so, then this is definitely the place for you. (And you can still setup some of their own stuff – no problem – but not with the kind of flexibility and power – and therefore the ability to break everything – that you get from your own stock hosting account where you have full control of the tech.)


Are You Ready?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

By purchasing this program, you are agreeing to these Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. Refund Policy: If you purchase this program and don’t absolutely love it, let us know and we will cheerfully refund your payment in full.

To receive the refund:

  1. E-mail us, attaching your receipt.
  2. State your reason for seeking a refund.
  3. Include a note confirming that you have not downloaded or printed out any of the program materials, and that you will not use the program or try to gain access to it in the future.
  4. You must request your refund and provide the above information within 24 hours of purchase.

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